Shanghai Foot Spa offers rejuvenating massage options in which we utilize techniques and practices, such as Reflexology, to best fit your massage needs. Every massage comes with a Free Hot Stone addition to enhance your experience. Come visit Shanghai Foot Spa and see which of our services best fit you!


We begin our foot massages by massaging your shoulders for 15 minutes while soaking your feet in warm water and then proceed to focus on the feet for the remaining session time. This massage service can help in the alleviation of physical or mental distress. 

  • 30 min Foot Massage  $25
  • 60 min Foot Massage  $35
  • 90 min Foot Massage  $55
  • 120 min Foot Massage $ 70 


Our body massage requires you to lay facedown and can include a variety of techniques such as Swedish, deep tissue, or walks on the back. This is a great option for anyone looking to achieve pain or injury relief as well as destress.

  • 30 min Full Body Massage  $35
  • 60 min Full Body Massage  $60
  • 90 min Full Body Massage  $90
  • 120 min Full Body Massage $120

60 min Lavender Essential Oil Massage  $65
60 min Hot Stone Massage $70


If you can’t make up your mind on which massage is right for you, we offer Combo Massages to give you the best of both worlds. 30 minutes of back massaging and 30 minutes of foot massaging will leave your entire body feeling revitalized. 

  • 60 min Combo Massage  $45
  • 90 min Combo Massage  $70
  • 120 min Combo Massage $90