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Shanghai Foot Spa in Wellington provides a relaxing sanctuary to enjoy luxurious foot and body massages based on traditional Eastern Medicine practices. 

Our spa offers varying foot, body, and combo massages for 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes of pure tranquility. We also provide 60 minute Lavender and Hot Stone massages to achieve maximum relaxation. 

Shanghai Foot Spa specializes in the use of Reflexology which is the process of applying pressure to the appropriate areas with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques in a particular way to massage the relevant reflex points  to alleviate and prevent pain and other disorders both mental and physical.

Maintaining self care is crucial for a happier and healthier lifestyle and the key to being at peace within your mind, body, and soul. Shanghai Foot Spa guarantees a zen environment to alleviate any tension, stress, or pain in your life. 

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